Sushi Monsters
For iPhone/Android

They love sushi and you should feed them!
But be careful, they can't be seen.
Draw the path and help the monsters eat all the sushis and hide them in the box!


For iPhone

Touch the numbers as fast as you can from 1 to 25 to become the Fastest Finger on Earth!
Break the Box 2
For iPhone/Android

Don't let the star fall!!! Boxes, physics, bombs, clocks, everything is against you! Can you beat them all? Use balance and strategy to succeed!
Are you ready for the challenge?

For iPad
Use your mind and strategy to find a way to gather all the gears. With your finger draw the path to avoid the danger and obstacles.
And don't forget, the clock is ticking...
Bird Run
For iPhone

How far can you go into the jungle? Avoid all the danger and collect the stars to get help. Colorful graphics and retina display ready. Gamecenter integration for online distance competition.

Break the Box
For iPhone / Android

Your mission is to help the little star reaches the goal plataform, destroy the boxes without letting the star fall into the ground. Use balance and strategy to succeed! A cool physics based puzzle game!